Keith Sonnier – Until Today
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Keith Sonnier – Until Today
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A monograph on Keith Sonnier, the revolutionary pioneer of the Process Art movement, this book documents five decades of the artist’s prolific and ever-evolving exploration of three-dimensional art.

One of the first artists to use light, specifically neon, as a form of sculpture, Keith Sonnier changed our ideas of what sculpture is and could be. From his early pieces such as Rat Tail Exercise and the Ba-O-Ba series to his most recent luminous neon-based series, this book explores the progression and influence of Sonnier’s oeuvre. Essays in the book look at Sonnier’s numerous public art projects, including a kilometer-long installation at the Munich airport, his relationship with his native Louisiana culture, and the architectural influences in his work. One of the art world’s most productive figures, Sonnier continues to redefine the parameters of sculpture.

This beautiful monograph celebrates an artist who has never ceased experimenting—and never stopped astonishing his audience.
Autor(en)Jeffrey D. Grove
Beiträge vonMartin Filler, Katie A. Pfohl, Terrie Sultan
Museum / OrtNew Orleans Museum of Art
Artikel IDart-49231


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