balx – Who we are
672 Seiten, 24 x 32 cm , 3300 g.
balx – Who we are
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who we are | balx

who we are
is a book by artists
about artists
for artists
to demontrate
the power of art
and to show
who we are

Marc Schots: Soundcheck
soundcheck - how do they want to sound? -
instruments should sound as natural as possible -
only this moment in time matters -
this is now - this is live

Alexander Hawkins: All Music is Ensemble Music
All music is ensemble music. The photograph is the outcome, but the photographer is part of the process. The photographer, whose work contained within this book, is part of the communal act of music, as are we, the audience now to the images just as we are to the sounds.

Kim Macari: There are a Group of People I miss every Day
There are a group of people I miss every day. Through art, we develop bonds with
those we’ll never meet. These bonds can alter our thoughts, influence the direction of our lives. We wear our relationships with these people and their art as key indicators of who we are. That is the power of art.

balx: one
I am no longer a visitor
music is the healing force of the universe
celebrating we are one

thanks a lot for coming out tonight

front cover section: paintings / improvisations
one section: words by Marc Schots
five sections: photographs
four sections: words by Alexander Hawkins / words by Kim Macari
four sections: paintings / memento plates
one section: words by balx
one section: thumbnails and photographs / old masters
back cover section: paintings / improvisations
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