Lee Friedlander – Signs
120 Seiten, 30,2 x 32 cm , 1564 g.
Lee Friedlander – Signs
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Traffic signs, sandwich boards and posters: Friedlander’s portrait of words in the world

For more than five decades, Lee Friedlander has repeatedly been drawn to the signs that inscribe the American landscape, from hand-lettered ads to storefront windows to massive billboards. Incorporating these markings with precision and sly humor, Friedlander’s photographs record a kind of found poetry of desire and commerce.

Focusing on one of the artist’s key motifs, Lee Friedlander: Signs presents a cacophony of wheat-paste posters, Coca-Cola ads, prices for milk, road signs, stop signs, neon lights, movie marquees and graffiti. The book collects 144 photographs made in New York and other places across the US, and features self-portraits, street photographs and work from series including The American Monument and America by Car, among others. Illegible or plainspoken, crude or whimsical, Friedlander’s signs are an unselfconscious portrait of modern life.
VerlagFraenkel Gallery
EinbandartFester Einband
Autor(en)Lee Friedlander
Artikel IDart-59161


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