Alchemy: The Material World of David Adjaye
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Alchemy: The Material World of David Adjaye
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A fascinating new take on the architecture of Adjaye, exploring his approach to five building materials through his projects

David Adjaye is one of the most in-demand architects today, known for his thoughtful interpretation of public spaces. In order to understand him as an architect, you must look at his projects through the lens of material – a crucial consideration in his practice. Organized into five sections – Stone/Concrete, Wood, Metal, Glass, and Rammed Earth – Alchemy reimagines the traditional architect monograph by examining the importance of material in architecture, a study vital to Adjaye and his design process.

In 2021, David Adjaye was awarded the RIBA Gold Medal, and he was among seven global leaders to receive a TIME100 Impact Award in 2022. The book features over 30 public, commercial, and residential projects around the world, from his 2001 Concrete Garden in London to the Amoako Boafo Gallery in Accra, Ghana, built with rammed earth and completed in 2022.
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Beiträge vonDavid Adjaye, Teresita Fernández
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