The Milk Street Cookbook (5th Anniversary Edition)
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The Milk Street Cookbook (5th Anniversary Edition)
The Definitive Guide to the New Home Cooking with Every Recipe from the TV Show 2017-2022
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The complete Milk Street TV show cookbook, featuring each dish from every episode and more -- over 400 dishes in all, including 65+ new recipes from the 2021-2022 fifth season.

Christopher Kimball's James Beard, IACP, and Emmy Award-winning Milk Street TV show and cookbooks give home cooks a simpler, bolder, healthier way to eat and cook.

Now featuring over 400 tried-and-true recipes, including every recipe from every episode of the TV show, this book is the ultimate guide to high-quality, low effort cooking and the perfect kitchen companion for cooks of all skill levels. Every recipe is paired with a photograph.

At Milk Street, there are no long lists of hard-to-find ingredients, strange cookware, or all day methods. Instead, every recipe has been adapted and tested for home cooks like you. You'll find simple recipes that deliver big flavors and textures fast, such as:
Colima-Style Shredded Braised Pork
Lebanese Baked Kafta with Potatoes and Tomatoes
Braised Beef with Dried Figs and Quick-Pickled Cabbage
Japanese-Style Chicken and Vegetable Curry
Turkish Stuffed Flatbreads
Banana Custard Pie
Sweet Potato Cupcakes with Cream Cheese-Caramel Frosting
Italian Flourless Chocolate Torta
Organized by type of dish--from salads, soups, grains, and vegetable sides to simple dinners and extraordinary desserts--this book is an indispensable reference that will introduce you to extraordinary new flavors and ingenious techniques.
HerausgeberJ. M. Hirsch, Michelle Locke
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Autor(en)Christopher Kimball
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