Matthew Barney – OTTO Trilogy
200 Seiten, 28,6 x 21 cm , 1258 g.
Matthew Barney – OTTO Trilogy
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A generously illustrated look at the intricate narrative threads of three of the artist's earliest works, and their continued resonance today:

Celebrated for works blending performance, video, and sculpture, Matthew Barney has created complex narratives that emerge across series since his earliest exhibitions. Matthew Barney – OTTO Trilogy is the first book to trace the progression of three significant early project – Facility of INCLINE, Facility of DECLINE, and OTTOshaft – and to reveal the narrative system that links them.

Titled after former football player Jim Otto, the series explores the training, discipline, and physical limits of the body alongside questions of sexual difference and desire. It is the definitive publication on this important series, and offers a key to understanding many of the themes that thread throughout Barney's oeuvre.
HerausgeberMamie Tinkler
VerlagYale University Press
EinbandartFester Einband
Beiträge vonMatthew Barney, Nancy Spector, Maggie Nelson
Museum / OrtGladstone Gallery, New York
Artikel IDart-64145
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