Jim Dine – Hello Yellow Glove
142 Seiten, 21 x 28 cm , 658 g.
Jim Dine – Hello Yellow Glove
New Drawings
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Jim Dine’s status as a master draughtsman is unquestioned and this book presents the best of his most recent drawings. Hello Yellow Glove opens with one of Dine’s most treasured motifs, Pinocchio.

Using dense charcoal and dripping washes, Dine depicts the sinister edge to Carlo Collodi’s story and Pinocchio’s isolation in his quest to become a real boy. With similar dark layers and dissolving forms Dine also depicts botanical motifs such as the thistle and catalpa tree. In addition to these bodies of work, Hello Yellow Glove presents Dine’s portrait of Gerhard Steidl, an ambitious suite of nine drawings made by the artist in his Göttingen studio.

Alongside reproductions of the drawings are photographs of Dine taken by Steidl during the sittings, which form both a candid portrait of the artist and offer a rare glimpse into his working processes.
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