Jim Dine – A History of Communism
80 Seiten, 17 x 24 cm , 192 g.
Jim Dine – A History of Communism
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"This “history” came about because my friends, Sarah Dudley and Ulie Kuhle, litho printers in Berlin, were given about 100 litho stones from a former Socialist art academy in what was the D.D.R. The stones all had images on them drawn by forty years of students under the oppressive regime. I asked them to reactivate the stones and print them on Zerkall Paper 450 g/m². Most images I chose of the 100 were able to have life breathed into them. We had finally forty-five images.

They editioned the lithographs and then sent them to us in Walla Walla, Washington. I drew and ground and bit copper plates to go over them. I wanted a black view of the image and a sense of Berlin in the East as I knew it when the horrible wall was still up. The etchers who came to work with me every summer over two and a half years have coaxed the exact mood I wanted out of the plates." (Jim Dine)
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