Karin Borghouts – Mijn huis dat was
64 Seiten, 16 x 24 cm , 555 g.
Karin Borghouts – Mijn huis dat was
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How do I remember my house? I’m not sure I want to. The house is a black painting that fits precisely in my head. I can see it now. The frame of the painting is black. The canvas is black. The hot breath of the fire has painted black blisters on the canvas. Tell me, Kaatje: am I the painting?

Mijn huis was (‘My House Was’) is a moving story of the burned-out memory of Kaatje’s grandma – or is it a story about her grandma’s burned-out house? Paul de Moor wrote an account of diminishing memory to accompany photographs by Karin Borghouts. Leen Depooter designed the words and images.
Karin Borghouts is a photo-artist, who has taken part in over fifty exhibitions in Belgium and abroad. Previous publications devoted to her work include Through the Looking Glass and the artist’s book The house (of my childhood burned down and I went in to take pictures).


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