Annual Series No. 3 – Four Book Set
15,5 x 20,3 cm , 784 g.
Annual Series No. 3 – Four Book Set
Mark Steinnmetz, Elaine Stocki, Dru Donovan, Katy Grannan
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Book 1: Mark Steinmetz - Philip & Micheline
Perhaps some of the most personal images Steinmetz has published, the photographer lovingly follows his parents over the course of 10 years as they age, love and eventually leave. This book acts as much as loving memorial and tribute as it does artist book.

Book 2: Elaine Stocki - Balcony
Balcony is a unique exploration of uncertainty and poetic tensions. Stocki’s images pose questions about psychological limitations as well as the chaos of human interactions. All the while a cast of character's assembled through model-wanted ads on stubbornly provide the viewer no real answers. 

Book 3: Dru Donovan - Lifting Water
The artist here investigates via reenactment the loss of a loved one. Through hired actors the artist would work rapidly in a confined space, in this case a hotel room, relying on memory, intuition and instinct to create a grouping of images that reads equal parts film noir, Broadway play and cinéma vérité at once.

Book 4: Katy Grannan - N.
One of the great portraitists of our time, we find Grannan here giving all power up to a muse she has developed a close working relationship with throughout the years. In this case the artist simply shoots the images while the subject, Nicole, directs herself telling Grannan it's time they make some "real pictures.” The notions of subject-as-artist, exhibitionism, sexuality, power dynamics and the gaze all come into play at once.


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