Maija Tammi – Hulda / Lilli
96 Seiten, 21 x 25,5 cm , 600 g.
Maija Tammi – Hulda / Lilli
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The book Hulda / Lilli examines empathy through storytelling. The work is an inventive human experiment, which aims to draw out an emotional reaction and encourages viewers to probe into the making of their feelings. The book can be read from both ends, or both beginnings, which offers two paths with different perspectives. One path depicts the story of a predator and the other of a prey. In the middle the paths and protagonists meet – who will you empathise with?

Maija Tammi is an award-winning Finnish artist and researcher. Her photographs and videos examine contradicting dualities, such as mortality and immortality, disgust and fascination. Tammi’s work falls in the intersection of art and science, depicting and scrutinizing biological as well as technological phenomena. Her work has been exhibited extensively internationally and she has four published books – Hulda / Lilli marks book number five.

Hulda / Lilli was created in the context of the work Empathy Machine which premiered at Tammi’s solo exhibition at The Finnish Museum of Photography in March 2023. The exhibition runs until the 27th of August.
EinbandartFlipbook mit zwei Anfängen (Fester Einband)
Autor(en)Maija Tammi, Tiina Rauhala, Dr. Marius Vollberg et al.
Beiträge vonVille Tietäväinen
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