Vincent Fournier – Space Utopia
184 Seiten, 26,5 x 34,5 cm , 2130 g.
Vincent Fournier – Space Utopia
A Journey Through the History of Space Exploration from the Apollo and Sputnik Programmes to the Next Mission to Mars
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This unique collection of photographs features over ten years of collaborations with the most important space and research centers in the world, resulting in a one-of-a-kind story of the human race to the stars.

Vincent Fournier's visionary photographs provide an imaginative look at space exploration by merging fantasy with reality in images of rockets, otherwordly landscapes, research facilities, and cosmonauts. To produce these extraordinary images, Fournier has collaborated with the world's major space centers and astronomical observatories, including NASA, the European Space Agency, the Russian space agency, and the European Southern Observatory. Readers are given access to confidential locations and projects such as the NASA SLS rocket. Fournier's artistic vision creates a unique look at the history of space exploration, from the early Sputnik and Apollo programs to the future Mission on Mars.

The images invite us to focus on our perceptions of space and time. Fournier questions our past and future utopias--what are our expectations for the future and has the future already happened? The evocative images document and archive while also exploring humankind's myths and fantasies about the future.
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