Hans Georg Näder – Futuring Human Mobility
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Hans Georg Näder – Futuring Human Mobility
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For generations, world-leading German prosthetics company Ottobock has been restoring mobility to people and developing wearable human bionics to mobilize the human body. Published on the centenary of Ottobock, this book presents the vision for the future of human mobility of Hans Georg Näder, chairman of the company and grandson of its founder.

What roles will digitalization, robotics, prostheses, artificial intelligence and the imagination play in how we optimize and employ our bodies, and shape the development of humanity? With photos by Christoph Neumann, and conceived and realized by Thomas Huber, Futuring Human Mobility explores these questions and their philosophical, ethical, social, political, economic and medical implications in our changing and diverse global community. Incorporating interviews, essays, short stories and artwork by 40 international experts including David Chipperfield, Philipp Craven, EVA & ADELE, Yuval Noah Harari, Hugh Herr, Hiroshi Ishiguro, Chandran Nair, Carsten Nicolai, Neo Rauch, Wolfgang Schäuble, Kevin Warwick and Ranga Yogeshwar, the book is a fountain of inspiration and a call for us to look beyond the narrow horizon of the present to a future of dynamic possibilities.
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BemerkungFotos: Christoph Neumann
Beiträge vonDavid Chipperfield, Philipp Craven, EVA & ADELE et al.
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