British Silver Boxes 1640-1840
240 Seiten, 23,7 x 30 cm , 1756 g.
British Silver Boxes 1640-1840
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British Silver Boxes 1640 – 1840 catalogues the remarkable diversity and depth of the Lion Collection. Assembled with a passionate and discerning eye over several years, the collection has been distilled to include only the most interesting, rare and varied of antique British silver boxes.

The featured boxes were made predominantly to carry snuff and tobacco, and the book provides fascinating insight into the habits and customs that shaped their development. A handful of nutmeg graters, vinaigrettes and counter boxes of particular interest or rarity are also included. Maker’s marks are given when present, and many of the boxes’ engravings and details are explored, often providing clues about the objects’ former owners.

Arranged chronologically, enabling the reader to chart the development of British silver boxes over the course of two centuries, the boxes have been expertly photographed and researched. Details of provenance and other literary references help to complete the story of each piece in the collection.
VerlagACC Art Books
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Autor(en)John Culme
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